Would you like to send a message to the future?

Don't let your life end with a tombstone!


You are holding in your hands a Brick Capsule, the opportunity to send something special 10, 20, 50 or 100 years into the future! Your secret will be safe in a capsule, the Brick Capsule.


The Brick you are holding in your hand is the gateway to this exciting journey, a journey where dreams, wishes and hopes come true. If you want to send something to the future, first decide what you would like to put/store/hide in your Brick. Place a poem, a wish, a hope, a treasure map, a message, an item or maybe a photograph inside the Brick Capsule and send it through time into the future. When you are done with this important decision, you will send the Brick back to our place either by mail or in person. We will hide it for a specific period of time, which you will choose, either 10, 20, 50 or 100 years.


Then let destiny guide your Brick Capsule to the unknown hands of the chosen one. Nobody today knows who he or she is!

The future recipient of the Brick Capsule will decide about the further destiny of this message you are sending through time. It’s in your hands to guide them and tell them what you would like them to do with the contents of this Brick Capsule.

Your Brick Capsule will be stored in the Bank of Montpelier. This bank is located in the middle of the beautiful town of Montpelier, Idaho where your secret will be safely guarded for years to come.

Be a part of this exciting adventure, and join us in preserving the past and creating future.

Let the journey begin !


You can see what to do next on the list with the instructions.


The intent of this exciting adventure is to send a message (secret, item, wish, poem etc.) to an unknown person in the future. We do not store bricks with the intent of delivering them to specific people in the future.


DO NOT place any personal/private information about yourself or hazardous or liquid material inside the Brick Capsule!

P.S.: Let us deliver your Brick for you to the future !

History & location of Brick Capsule

The Brick Capsule storage location is no accident! The story of our location goes deeper than you can imagine. It all started with a legendary character named Butch Cassidy. On August 13, 1896, at the age of 30, he and two other outlaws robbed the bank at Montpelier, Idaho, escaping with $5,000 - $15,000 in gold, silver and currency. As you might guess, your Brick Capsule will be stored in that very spot!


The robbery was an in and out job. It was difficult to carry so much gold and silver on horses, so the outlaws decided to hide part of the loot. They drew a treasure map and hid it in a brick.

No one knows where they hid that brick! There are many stories and rumours about its location, but it has never been found. That brick is still out there waiting to be discovered, together with the treasure!


We decided to continue Butch Cassidy’s legacy! You now have the opportunity to experience hiding something for years of time and letting someone else discover your hidden treasure in the future!

instructions for use

What do you do now with your Brick Capsule? Please follow the steps with pictures and instructions below:

To send your Brick Capsule to the future, follow steps 1 through 7:

  1. Decide what you want to send to the future and put it in the Brick Capsule.
  2. Put the Brick Capsule back in the shipping box.
  3. Close and seal the box.
  4. Mark one of the squares on the side of the box next to the sign, “I would like to store this Brick Capsule for according to how long you want us to store your Brick.
  5. Peel off the address stickers from the box.
  6. Write your address on the top left corner where the lines are.
  7. Purchase a postage stamp and send the Brick Capsule back to us.
  8. If you changed your mind and want to return Brick Capsule, follow steps 8 through 13:

  9. Put unused Brick Capsule back in the box in which it was wrapped.
  10. Close the box and stick the seal over the edge of the box, so it is impossible to open the box.
  11. Mark the square on the side of the box next to the sign “If you want to return this product for refund, please mark here.
  12. Remove the stickers with the addresses on the box.
  13. Write your address on the top left corner where the lines are.
  14. Purchase a postage stamp and send Brick Capsule back to us.